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  At 30th of June 2009 the entity of  the archival heritage stood at 156,271 pieces on paper; 1080 parchments, 1 parchment codex; 1756 maps and cartographic documents assimilabile; 11 units of audio-visual material. The different funds are divided into the following six sections: diplomatic, notarial, administrative, financial, judicial and different archives. CodiceIn those cases where the age of the documents has allowed to have also been made more perfect chronological scans, starting from the period of the ancient regimes, affect the time span between the French period and the Unity then up to to 'the post-Unity time. As it the capital, until the twenties of the twentieth century, of a province that as far as jurisdiction included the territories now belonging to the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto, the Record Office of Lecce of Lecce acquired - until the administrative division of the latter - a large amount of documents relating thereto concerning processes and practices defined by courts and and institutions active in Lecce or subordinated to Lecce, but not . This circumstance is on particular importance and deserves to be properly underlined, since the archival fonds kept in Lecce are of fundamental importance and often essential for all scholars who wish to conduct research and study in depth relating to these areas. In this regard, it is referred, indeed, that where it was possible, quoting out of the various funds whole archive series related to the current provinces of Brindisi and Taranto, without resorting to forcing of any kind, it was decided to deposit them in their respective Record Offices, which had put forward a formal request, which would have allowed them to replenish the original ones of documents, regarding recente times, enriching these Institutes and their collections. On the contrary, the Record Office of Lecce - in the several stages from 1959 and until 1997- has suffered a depletion of its heritage, not al all important for the most ancient funds.

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