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sede archivio The Record Office of Lecce originated from the natural changing of the Insitute, risen from the Provincial Archives of " Terra d'Otranto", by the royal decree of 22 October 1812, No. 1524; the site was Lecce, as the capital of this province.

The beginning of its real functioning , however, only came after about twenty years - when, moreover, the original name was changed into the Provincial Archives of State by the Royal Decree of 22 September 1832, No. 1391.

The period of time between the date of the establishment and the one in which the Office began to work caused the loss of most of the documentation relating to the county of Lecce, the Principality of Taranto, as well as the acts produced by magistracies of the 15th -18th centuries. Finally, by the d.p.r. of 30 September 1963, n. 1409, it ordered the final current heading as part of a more comprehensive and rational restructuring of matter and archivistic institutions of the State. Starting from this date were also set up the State Archives of Taranto and Brindisi, had sections of the State Archives, respectively in 1946 and 1954; this involved a significant amount transfer of documents relating to the two provinces.

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